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Transforming your business IT is often not a straightforward task. Even with the best of intentions, IT projects can lead to unexpected compromises and ineffective solutions. We’ve found that in most instances, disappointing results come as a result of ineffective communication in the planning stages of a project. This is why we take project planning as seriously as the core work we do for our clients. In fact, we won’t take on your IT project without your commitment to partner with us in the detailed planning of it.   

Our practical, flexible approach is not only based on our experience delivering quality results to the media and banking sectors, it stems from our commitment to our core values which are central to everything we do. Quality, transparency, cost efficiency, effective communication, managed delivery, and corporate responsibility are core to the value of the work we produce. We believe that clients deserve well planned solutions at an affordable price without compromising these values. In essence, we want you to have the best result for your investment, one that meets or exceeds your expectations.

What We Offer

We provide bespoke digital application solutions and services that either augment or replace existing systems transforming your business in the following key areas.

Digital Transformation: Harness company data into coherent data models enhancing business processes, data access / visualisation, and business intelligence.

Regulatory Transformation: Align your IT to help your business operate within regulatory compliant guidelines such as GDPR, Operational, Environmental, Tax,Technical, Insurance, Security, and Privacy compliances based on your unique business needs. Achieving these through the most elegant and cost effective solutions is our mission.

Process and Data Automation: Eliminating predictable repetitive tasks can boost productivity and make room for other tasks.  We identify and quantify the processes and efficiencies through careful analysis of your business needs and weave them into your unique design. Further results can be achieved through integrating existing systems together and/or to a new bespoke application.

Content Management: Effective content management stems from storage & retrieval processes that work alongside your own, placing the content you need at your fingertips. We can help you organise and store content safely and securely for less than you might expect.   

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